Squint Surgery


A squint is a misalignment of the eyes – also known as strabismus – where the eyes are deviated horizontally, vertically and sometimes both.


In many young children wearing the correct prescription glasses is all that is required to render the eyes straight. Many children and adults, however, need surgery to put the eyes straight into a straight position. Eye exercises are only useful for a very particular type of squint known as an exotropia with convergence insufficiency. In all other instances of squinting there is no evidence for the efficacy of eye exercises in treatment.


Surgery is done under general anaesthetic and the muscles responsible for moving the eyes are tightened or loosened to reposition the eyes correctly. One or both eyes might be operated on, even if only one eye appears to be squinting. Squint surgery can be performed at any age. Laser are not used in this surgery. The eye is not removed from the eye socket at any stage.

In adults and older children an adjustable suture technique can be used. Once fully awake after the operation, the eye position is evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted if not straight.

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